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Best Headphones Under $50

Over the last few years, headphones have undergone quite the metamorphosis and have grown hugely in popularity. Whether you’re in the gym, on public transport, or simply walking down the street, you are almost certain to encounter numerous individuals wearing headphones and more than likely listening to their favourite music through them. Headphones nowadays come

VAVA MOOV 28 Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

If you are looking for the most cost-efficient yet quality product on the market in terms of headphones, then the VAVA MOOV 28 should be one of your top considerations. The wireless earbuds have a well though, high end, premium design and you will absolutely forget about the cable being entangled once you get them

Avantree 40 hr wireless/wired Bluetooth Headphone Review

Finding headphones online is easy, like, extremely easy. Finding good quality headphones, or better still, great quality headphones, that is what’s tough. You see, as there is so much to choose from, people shopping for headphones online can find themselves becoming overwhelmed and not sure whether or not they’re making the right choice. That’s where

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones have become popular among individuals who are looking forward to invest their money on versatile Bluetooth headphones under a tight budget. These headphones are extremely portable and offers a better level of comfort when compared to in-ear headphones. On the other hand, Mpow Jaws V4.1 are in a position to