How to Choose a Bluetooth Headphone – Buying Guide

Bluetooth headphones are very convenient and in this guide I’ll show you how to pick one. Whilst wireless headphones can give you all the sound you need, bluetooth headphones are particularly good or recommended for the following reasons:

1. No cable: Cables can be really annoying sometimes. They can get entangled together, catch onto something, break (and stop transmitting sound to your ears), and more. Bluetooth headphones ensure you never have to face these hassles.

2. You won’t lose sound quality: Unlike the earlier bluetooth headphones, modern bluetooth headphones offer sound production that is on par with wired headphones, so, nothing lost, as long as you pick a high quality headphone.

3. Freedom of movement: To use a wired headset, you have to carry your device with you. Bluetooth connectivity affords you the freedom to move about in an area (e.g. your room), go the bathroom, answer a call from a different room, etc…all without having your device close to you.

4. They are cheap: You can get bluetooth and wired headphones for less than $50 from Amazon.

5. Connect to more devices: Would you connect your wired headphone to your TV? Of course not, The connection is possible, but impractical because you can’t sit so close to your TV. However, with bluetooth connectivity, you can sit at your normal TV watching position and listen to your shows/watch movies using your headphones.

How to Choose a Bluetooth Headphone

1. Consider choosing a headphone that supports wired and wireless modes. This way, you can have the best of both worlds, especially if you’re not yet sure if you want a wired or wireless one.

2. Make sure your phone or device has a long lasting battery. Battery consumption soars when you listen via bluetooth compared to wires, so if you have a device with a weak battery and you aren’t planning to change it anytime soon, it’s best to stick to wired headphones.

3. Consider bluetooth earbuds if you want a lighter alternatively. Earbuds fit into your ear rather than over it, so they are lighter and less tiring to use. They are more suited to prolonged usage than headphones. However, they have a minor downside. They have slightly inferior audio quality, so choose based on what you would rather have – better sound and heavier equipment or slightly inferior sound and easier use.

4. If weight isn’t an issue for you and you just want to get bluetooth headphones with high quality sound, then purchase over-ear headphones. They are called over-ear headphones because they are positioned over your ears and cover it almost entirely (or entirely if you have small ears).

5. Check to make sure your bluetooth headphone has a microphone for answering calls before purchasing. You don’t want to find yourself having to take off your headphones and disconnect it each time a call comes in. This isn’t something to worry about though as most bluetooth headphones, even the cheapest ones, have a built-in microphone.

6. Take a look at the product specifications. Make sure it has all the features you need before making the purchase.

Bluetooth headphones are so convenient. I use them to listen to music everytime I workout and after I switched to the bluetooth variety, I no longer had to deal with headphone cables interfering with my workouts. Bluetooth headphones can make your life easier, so be sure to get one as soon as you can.


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