JBL Bar 3.1 Home Theater Starter System Review

You don’t have to be a DJ to appreciate great sounds. All you need to do is simply hear the voice and feel the bass. JBL Bar 3.1 Home theatre starter system will let you immerse yourself in the clear surround sound audio, thrilling bass and voice clarity.


The JBL Bar 3.1 Home theatre starter system powers 450W along with a center channel and 10 inches wireless subwoofer to create an amazing sound. JBL is well known for its audio products and this one is also another great product by the company. There’s also a Bluetooth support provided to let you conveniently play and perform wireless streaming. It can let you connect up to 4k devices using state of the art HDMI inputs and gives you a classic listening experience.

Features and Review

Voice clarity with dedicated center channel – one of the key things about JBL Bar 3.1 Home theatre starter system is that it can enhance the sound experience for the user using the dedicated center channel and you will never miss a note from any scene. With the help of speakers and dedicated amplifier you can enjoy each and every moment of music video or movie soundtrack / dialogues.

High power – the surround sound is powered with 450 W output and provides a great audio clarity, performance and listening experience while playing music or movies. It gives a perfect surround sound with Digital Dolby power which will let you immerse yourself into the best in class sound audio.

High bass with wireless subwoofer – the product also comes along with a flexible wireless subwoofer which gives you a flexible placement without any wires and allows you to set up a rich thrilling experience and convenience. Further enhancement is also provided with the help of JBL sound shift which gives you flexibility to switch between TV sound quickly and also to the mobile phone or tablet that you might be using.

4K connectivity with 3 HDMI IN and 1 HDMI out – it is also possible and easier to connect all your 4k devices and also possible to upgrade it to Ultra HD. You can enjoy rich and amazing experience with 250mm wireless subwoofer which gives you a lot of flexibility and comfortability by not giving you any hassles of wires.

Easy and convenient remote-control usage – the JBL Bar 3.1 Home theatre starter system is designed to work with TV remote control or you can also use your existing TV for both sound bar and TV.

Great packaging and price – the product comes with a great packaging and price rate which is not there in the other products in the same segment.

Final Words

JBL Bar 3.1 Home theatre starter system houses dedicated amplifier and speakers using the center channel and provides you thrilling experience with enhanced JBL sound shift. You can also switch quickly between your TV sound and home theatre when required and can be played using your phone or tablet. You can control the sound bar using a TV remote control. There are so many great features provided by the product and this product is definitely a great buy under the price of $500.

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