MPOW 3.5mm/USB Headset – A Detailed Review

Anybody who is half interested in gadgets and technology will know right away just how much choice is on the market in terms of headsets. Whether you intend on finding a headset for gaming, for work, or for general use in the office, or at home, finding a good quality headset can be a real challenge.

This is where MPOW factor into the equation. Their 3.5mm/USB headset is absolutely perfect for people looking to enjoy crystal clear chat capabilities. If we’ve now piqued your interests and you’d like to learn more about this headset then great, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ll be providing a brief, yet detailed review of the MPOW 3.5mm/USB headset as we look at what it is, what its key features are, pros of the device, and much more besides. So, without any further delays, here’s our review of the MPOW headset.

What is it?

As you’ve probably gathered, the MPOW 3.5mm/USB Headset is, well, it’s a headset. This however, is not your standard headset. This headset comes complete with noise cancelling capabilities, it’s lightweight, it’s computer wired, and it is perfect for working office environments as it works a treat with Skype, it’s great for webinars, would be ideal in call centers, and of course, it’s great for making regular phone calls. The headset is light in weight, it’s very comfortable, it’s easy to use, it is multi-functional, and it’s available for an incredibly affordable price, as currently it retails at around $24.69.

What are the Main Features?

This headset is loaded full of features, and to list them all would take us all day. Instead, what we’ll do is focus on the features that have proved to be the most popular and most effective. These include:

Multi-directional microphone – The microphone featured in this headset is very useful because it is multi-directional, which basically means that it can be twisted any direction you like, so as to pick up your voice in the clearest manner. It is also designed to drown out background noise and to pick your voice up loud and clear with no static or interference whatsoever.

3.5mm jack and USB connection options – The headset features a jack audio cable that can be disconnected from the control box, which in turn will provide you with connection options for tablets and smart phones. The USB cable can be used with a PC.

Comfort – This headset is incredibly comfortable to wear as the ears are padded and fluffy, and the set is light. Once wearing it, you’ll soon forget you’re wearing anything at all.

Other features include:

  • Optimum voice pickup
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Crystal clear voice clarity
  • Noise cancelling
  • Simple setup
  • Great stereo audio performance

Final Thoughts

Overall, this headset is one of the best choices on the market. It is very affordable, it’s comfortable, it’s easy to use, multi-functional, and it is very well made. Whether you plan on using it casually around the house, or for conducting business with, this headset will not let you down and in our eyes it is worth every cent.

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